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EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) is the detection, identification, evaluation, render safe, recovery and final disposal of unexploded explosive ordnance. EOD may also include the rendering-safe and/or disposal of such explosive ordnance which have become hazardous by damage or deterioration when the disposal of such explosive ordnance is beyond the capabilities of personnel normally assigned the responsibility for routine disposal.

The Sansolo EOD IEDD gear is intended to provide a precise answer to these combat EOD situations, which are planned from the outset for the final user - lightweight, small size, operational convenience, simplicity of use, multi-purpose operation, reliability and short operation time.


    SL-002-003-004-005 EOD Detonator Protective Sleeve
    SL-030 Compact IED EOD IEDD Sansolo Kit
    SL-030A Improved Compact EOD/IEDD Sansolo Kit
    SL-031 A Pulley for Charge Handling
    SL-030P Sansolo Leg Pouch EOD/IEDD kit
    SL-030PM Extended Sansolo Leg Pouch EOD/IEDD kit

SL-030B Sansolo Hook & line EOD/IEDD Case kit

    SL-033-034-234 EOD Rapid Coil
    SL-035-036 EOD Fast Pulley
    SL-039 EOD Backhand Mini Toolkit
    SL-041 EOD Multi Purpose Prodder, SL-043 EOD Miniature Prodder


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