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Spikes for Attachment to the Ground - Intended for marking kits of Sansolo products, such as SL-070,175  Technical Specifications




Weight: 16 gr.
Length: 130 mm 

Diameter: 5 mm 



Weight: 35 gr.
Length: 135 mm 

Width: 40mm

Cap Diameter: 17 mm 



Weight: 26 gr.
Length: 130 mm 

Width: 36mm

Diameter: 5 mm 



Length - 185 mm
Diameter - 31 mm at widest point
Weight - 122 grams.


SL-172 - Spike

Designed for driving into the ground with a standard thread for the Sansolo product range
Made of stainless steel wire, a sharp penetrator, suitable for screw-on attachment of flashlights and day and night marketing devices.

SL-172T - T Shaped Spike

Designed for attaching Sansolo flashlights to the ground and anchoring marking ribbons or cords.
Made of two staggered stainless steel sharp probes. Push dome, stainless steel wire ear for securing or attaching marking tape or marking cord.

SL-172B - Double Spike

Designed for driving into the ground with a stable grip for the Sansolo product range
Made of a stainless steel rod, made of two staggered sharp probes that provide stability for attaching various marking products.

SL-177 - Adjustable Spike

Intended for attaching flashlights and marking and anchoring equipment.
Made of a central part, a probe and a top part that is an adjustable handle. Adjustable in angle and direction, made of stainless steel.

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