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Folding Marking Element


Telescopic Height Element for Marking

SL-074: Des. Pat,   SL-076: Pat Reg.

Product Information  Technical Specifications


SL-074 Folding Marking Element 


Marks Dangerous Mine Laying & Means of Warfare


∑ An umbrella like with a diameter of 120mm. has a spike for stabbing into the ground, during the stab the umbrella is opened automatically

∑ In a terrain where there is no option to stab the element, the elementís spike can be located within a folding stand

∑ A flashlight can be attached on the element making it a day & night marker





SL-076 Telescopic Height Element for Marking


A Telescopic Rod That Opens Into a 63cm Diameter Element, for Marking in a Territory During the Day and Night

∑ Can be stabbed in the ground by a spike that can be connected to the telescopic rod.

∑ A magnet is located on the top of the rod to enable the attachment of a marking ribbon, during the day, or a marking flashlight, during the night










Weight: 90 gr.
Length: 155 mm
Diameter: 30 mm


Weight: 50 gr.
Length: 137 mm
Diameter: 11 mm 

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