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Combat Marking Kit

Pat. Pending

A compact kit for marking explosive charges and dangerous weaponry  Technical Specifications


A small multi purpose kit with ten flashlights and all necessary accessories for attachment to the object in various ways

Various types of flashlights are available: color changer, blue LED, blinking, or other types

The kit is designed to be light and easy to use even in field conditions, with all accessories needed for the same operational purpose

The flashlights in the kit are small but work for long periods; they are strong and reliable




The kit contains the following items:


Flashlights 10 units

SL-172 A Penetrator for each flashlight - 10 units

SL-172B A Double Penetrator for each flashlight - 10 units

SL-171A A Reflector

Double sided sticky metal piece 20 units
Exchangeable caps 50 units in 5 different colors




Weight: 650 gr.
Height: 90 mm 
Width: 170 mm 
Length: 190 mm 

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