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Trip Wire Marking Ribbon


A ribbon for detection and marking of trip wire Technical Specifications

Suitable for use in the following cases advantages:

Throwing of ribbons forward on the route of advance of a force if there is fear of booby traps and trip wires.

The ribbon can greatly help detect trip wire that is used for activating booby traps during combat, particularly in built up areas.

Using a ribbon to mark dangerous ordnance on a route when there are problems for advancing forces.

This device can be carried by each individual trooper. Ready for extraction and throwing as an accessory for paths that are free of booby trapped using trip wire, thus saving human life.

The reel rolls up quickly and efficiency without further accessories.



Material: polymer, 10 meter color fabric ribbon
Weight: approximately 53 gr.
Diameter: 70 mm, 77 mm in the most protrusive place
Width: 25 mm 

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