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Fast Pulley

Des. Pat.

SL-035-036 Technical Specifications


· Handling explosive charges from a distance 
· Fast release of the tow rope in the direction of the charge 
· There is an option for attaching the element needed to handle the charge at the end of the rope

· The pulley consists of a coiled tow rope, 2mm thick, inside a container. The rope can take weights of 120kg
· At the end of rope is a rappelling ring that can be attached to whatever device is required to deal with the explosive charge, such as: hook, cutter, anchor etc.

· In situations of pressure, a large number of ropes can be rapidly unwound in order to deal with objects from a distance 
· Easy to carry –several pulleys can be carried at once




SL-035 - 50m long - 100kg

SL-036 - 75m long - 100kg

SL-035A - Spare Strings for SL-035

SL-036A - Spare Strings for SL-036



Dedicated case: Case material made of fabric with studs, two pouches for two reels and a small rear pouch for key with a securing lanyard.


SL-037    Protected Disconnecting Knife

SL-038A  Protected Towing Hook

SL-032KK - Folding Anchor - 45X40X13mm Not Magnetic & No Rust




Cord length 50m
Total length – about 200mm
Diameter – 57mm
Weight – about 335 grams

Cord length 75m
Total length – about 205m
Diameter – 59mm
Weight – about 485 grams

Dedicated case
Length – 240 mm
Width – 160 mm
Height – 60 mm

SL-035ME - Fast Pulley 50m 1.5mm 200kg Technical Specifications



Fast pulley. Includes an anchor, hook, disconnecting knife, and string puller.






Total length – about 175m
Diameter – 55mm
Weight – about 320 grams

1.5 mm string

Length 50m

Overall tearing strength 200Kg

Cord tearing strength 300Kg

SL-435A - Working Strings - Not Magnetic & No Rust Technical Specifications



A field device that provides cords for equipment-securing and various operational uses and problem solving.






Weight: 290 grams
Diameter: 57 mm
Length: 203 mm
1.5 mm black cord, 75 kg strength
2 mm black cord, 105 kg strength

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