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Pulley Kit for Charge Handling

A pulling cord reel kit for remote handling of explosive devices and dangerous ordnance

Technical Specifications


A relatively small sized reel with adjustable unwinding speed, locking to prevent unwanted turning, fixation strap for rolling the cord after laying, regulator for arranging the cord and handle strips for hanging the reel.


The pulley contains a 7 x 70 mm ring, thimble and protective sleeve for string, automatic winding bit, fabric for handling with anchoring loop and an anchoring strap and two matt black 5 x 50 rings.


There are 2 available types of strings:

SL-031 - 50m of 3mm Polyester string of 240 kg break strength

SL-031A - 75m of 2.5mm Kevlar string of 350kg break strength

SL-031B - 75m of 2.5mm Dyneema string of 360kg break strength



  Weight: 930 gr
Height: 135 mm
Width: 105 mm
Length: 180 mm

EOD Rigging kit

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