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Sansolo Hook and Line EOD/IEDD Case kit

Hook and Line kit for manual high risk search or remote disposal / neutralization of explosive devices.

Technical Specifications


• Allows a wide range of solutions in the field

• Suitable also for high risk search and close manual handling

• 60 pcs


  Weight: 10 Kg
Length: 450 mm
Width: 210 mm
Height: 260 mm


New products in this kit

SL-031B - A Pulley for Charge Handling - 70m String

Weight: 930 grams; Measurements: Length: 180 mm, width: 105 mm, Height: 135 mm


The pulley contains a 7 x 70 mm ring, thimble and protective sleeve for string, automatic winding bit, fabric for handling with anchoring loop and an anchoring strap and two matt black 5 x 50 rings.



SL-031B - 70m of 2.5mm Dyneema string of 350kg break strength


This item is also used as a part of the SL-030 Sansolo Kit.




SL-046 - Telecopic Spike
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 150gr, Length 185mm, diameter 15.5 mm, Length (opened) 325mm.

SL-171 - A Telescopic Marking Flashlight

SL-172T - Shaped Penetrator

SL-066 - Double hook
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 150gr, Length 180mm, Width 50mm, Hook Diameter 6mm.

Vise jaw grip (4SP, 4LW, 4WR)
Weight 430gr, Stainless steel karabiner rings 5x50mm.

SL-067 - Anchoring Line
5m 2mm string, 200Kg break strength. 2 Karabiner rings 4x40, Weight 35gr, Length 135mm, Diameter 20mm.

SL-032 - Folding Anchor
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 140gr, Length 140mm, Width 50mm, Height 17mm, Span (opened) 75mm.

SL-032K - Folding Anchor
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 40gr, Length 70mm, Width 40mm, Height 13mm, Span (opened) 50mm.

SL-065 - Opening swivel pulley

Opening and pulling elements


Working methods

EOD Rigging kit

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