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Exploder Systems

Pat. Reg.

Field-Proven System for Deploying Demolition Circuits & Charges in the Fastest, Safest & most Reliable Manner Possible  Technical Specifications


A portable, compact & lightweight kit 
Quick connection of kit elements: power operated cable reel & exploder
Immediate operation
Impeccable operational reliability
Suitable for multiple uses



The cylinder body is made of three major parts the battery housing, electronics housing and connection to the exploder.
The exploder is manufactured in two models:
Regular demolition model two triggers
Special counter-terrorist model three PL connectors per connection.

The exploder is engaged by activation from a command panel in the electronics part
Activation using left switch, with the connection terminals outward.
Deactivation using right switch for automatic disarming.
Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes of being on and active.




Batteries: 6 VDC (2 CR2V3 batteries)

Outlet: 320 VDC 10 VDC

Energy: 5 joules

Pulse time: 3 msec at 16 Ω

Charging time: 2.5 sec 0.5 sec

Minimum number of activations with the same batteries: 100 for the short model, 600 for the long model.


Demolition version exploder
Weight: 356 grams
Diameter: 55 mm
Length: 146 mm

Special model exploder
Weight: 348 grams
Diameter: 55 mm
Length: 134 mm




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