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Shell Shocker

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Pyrotechnical device used to simulate the impact of exploding artillery shells


The SGS is a device that, when used in conjunction with other elements, provides a complete simulation of battlefield sound during combat training, for exercises with individual soldiers or training of whole units. The SGS enhances the battlefield atmosphere, heightening the tension, and enabling trainees to experience the pressure and excitement of the real thing. 




Main features

It is possible to adjust the duration of the whistle by changing the amount and location of the elements. There are two options to choose from: (a) Elements that whistle in static mode, and (b) Elements that whistle in accelerated mode

Electrical detonation by means of a squib from the desired distance

Fast and easy loading, with no special professional training required

A safe training device, which can be safely approached, the SGS does not throw off any particles or dirty the surrounding

The SGS is suitable for use with all pyrotechnic techniques: training fighters, movie effects, demonstrations, sound and light shows, and any other events requiring gunfire sound effects






Weight: 1410 gr.
Height: 55 mm
Width: 155 mm

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