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Bang Buffer

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Safety device designed to contain exploding thunder-flash devices and provide protection to the training personnel at close ranges


The Bang Buffer was invented in order to improve safety in practice drills where fighters must train in close proximity to pyrotechnic devices that simulate explosions.
The Bang Buffer provides a safe solution for situation in which explosions must be simulated, for example, simulation of terrorist attacks, missile attacks, mistakes in I.E.D. drills, and so on. It can be used when the trainees have to be very close to the pyrotechnic charge, for example, in cases of bomb attacks inside rooms, stairways, hangars etc. It is useful for training fighters and saboteurs to function under extreme pressure, and can show bomb disposal trainees what might happen incases of error.
The pyrotechnic charge in inserted into the containment cylinder, which absorbs the blast impact and prevents most of the harmful effects such as:
Fragmentation, flying rocks, FOD on runaways, risk of combustion, or marks of the explosion on objects. The device can accept up to 15gr. Of propellant material.




Weight: 5 kg.
Length: 300 mm
Width: 165 mm
Height: 105 mm

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